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Worcester Bankruptcy Lawyer - File a Chapter 7, 11 & 13

  • Due to recent changes in the court rules allow us to teleconference and file your case without ever leaving your home
  • Your resource for Massachusetts Bankruptcy Law and experienced Worcester Bankruptcy Attorneys.

The Worcester Bankruptcy Center Team is comprised of Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyers and support staff who have helped thousands of people from all corners of Massachusetts obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy is the restart button to assist with getting your life back on track. With offices located in Worcester, Natick, Salem, Springfield and Boston, your fresh start is just a call or click away.

Founded by Attorney Richard S. Ravosa, Attorney Ravosa has a team of talented individuals who work together to make sure that your case goes smoothly from start to end. Bankruptcy is a very complicated area of the law that requires detailed information, some of which can be confusing for clients. Attorney Ravosa and his staff guide our clients every step of the way.


    Knowledgeable, Compassionate Bankruptcy Representation

    Do you get consumed by financial difficulties? Worcester Bankruptcy Center is here to help people and businesses get out of debt and start over with the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

    Client Reviews

    Why do so many clients choose and recommend the Worcester Bankruptcy Center for their Bankruptcy Lawyer in Worcester?


    We are available 7 days per week, and offer home, hospital, evening, and weekend appointments to our clients in every part of Worcester, MA


    We explain everything to our clients in plain English, Spanish, Portuguese. No legalese, no jargon and no fancy lawyer talk.


    Most cases are handled on a one-time, flat-fee basis. Our fees are based on the work that is required in each case, due to streamlined processes.

    Express Bankruptcy Filing

    Is available for clients who require immediate action or are eager to quickly move forward to obtain their fresh start.

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you a fresh start. Our Worcester bankruptcy lawyer can help you sell your assets to get rid of your debts. This ultimate fresh start gives people and businesses the space they need to get back in charge.

    Our bankruptcy law firm is right in the middle of Worcester. We can help you and make sure you get the respect and support you deserve during these tough times.

    Chapter 11 is the best option for people and businesses that want to reorganize without losing their assets. If you need bankruptcy services in Worcester, we can help you through a full reorganization that protects your financial interests and builds a stronger future.

    Take the easy way out and get rid of your debt with Chapter 13. You can choose this option, which gives you a structured repayment plan and puts you in charge of your financial future. Our bankruptcy center in Worcester will help you feel confident as you move toward financial stability.

    Our reliable bankruptcy law firm can help you find custom solutions whether you are an individual or a business having money problems. Hire our skilled Worcester MA bankruptcy lawyer to get back on track with your finances. Get in touch with us right away to set you on the path to a better financial future.

    Team Of Professional Bankruptcy Attorneys In Worcester, MA


    Benefits of Worcester Bankruptcy Center’s Services

    • End Creditor Harassment: Phone calls, Threats, and mail
    • Eliminate Medical Bills
    • Eliminate Credit Card Debt
    • Stop Utility Shut Offs
    • Stop harassing Debt Collection Calls and Foreclosure
    • Stop Vehicle Repossession
    • Stop Eviction
    • End Lawsuits
    • Cease Wage Garnishments
    • Eliminate Second Mortgages
    • Manage Back Taxes and Penalties
    • Lien Avoidance Powers of the Bankruptcy Court
    • Help Manage Student Loans
    • A fresh financial start to rebuild and improve your credit scores

    Contact Reliable Bankruptcy Law Firm in Worcester

    We offer certified and affordable help to people in Worcester who are thinking about filing for personal bankruptcy. Through our dedicated bankruptcy practice, we’ve helped many clients protect their homes and get out from under their debts.

    Deciding to file for personal bankruptcy is a big decision, and having help available makes the process go more smoothly. Our services in Worcester are designed to give you professional help without breaking the bank.

    Going through bankruptcy doesn’t have to be scary. We promise to keep the process as simple as possible so that you can fully understand your choices and confidently move toward financial recovery.