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Client Reviews

I have needed help from Richard and Cynthia a couple times over the last several years. They are always extremely quick to help, very thorough and knowledgeable on legal subject matter, and get the job done according to plan every time. They will always be first on my mind when I need any kind of legal services in the future.

--Jim H, Bedford

Due to a business failure during the economic downturn, I was forced to file for Chapter 13. My case was sufficiently involved that I decided to go with Attorney Ravosa and his team even though their main office is on the other side of the state. The whole process took much longer than I expected, but that was largely because Attorney Hurley and Attorney Ravosa were extremely thorough in their research and preparation. Whereas the local attorney I had initially consulted had seemed overworked and was rather uncommunicative, I could always count on a relatively prompt and well considered response when I sent the Ravosa team a question. In court, there was a palpable sense
that the judge respected Attorney Ravosas competence and knowledge of the case. In person, Richard is very personable and professional. A pleasure to deal with. I am extremely grateful to the Ravosa team for the successful, and, in retrospect, very smooth engagement. I recommend them unreservedly.

-- Client, Sheffield, MA

My husband and I were left in a bad situation when were no longer had our previous attorney for unforseen reasons, We are blessed to have found attorney Ravosa and Cynthia, they guided us all the way through the process and kept their promise. They are a blessing to us!
Peter & Courtney, East Longmeadow

Richard Ravosa ,Cynthia and staff worked very hard to keep me in my home.I was on the verge of losing my home. With bankruptcy my only option. Cynthia and staff worked very hard on my case which was not easy. this team helped me and my family stay in or home and get back on track. I would have lost my home if I had not called this law firm! thank
you Mr Ravosa and Cynthia

--William, Whitman

I had been toying with the idea of bankruptcy for about six months before I contacted Mr Ravosa. We spoke on the phone several times. If he wasnt available at the time I could always expect he would call back by the end of the day. I did everything I could to avoid Chapter 7 but realized with his help that It was necessary. I went up to meet with him and was very impressed at his level of confidence and knew things would get moving quickly. I have had little dealings with legal matters and wanted it to stay that way. I was given a list to things I had to do and dates by which I had to do that was clear but impossible in the time frame which I had to work in. I had help and encouragment form the staff. It was a stressful time but things did work out even when the trustee prolonged
the case. I think that there were many costs that were absorbed by Mr Ravosa due to the inability for me to meet the deadlines set forth by the court. Overall everything went well and I wish to thank Erica, Cynthia, and Mr Ravosa for the professional and businisslike approach. It is now a year later and things have been and are still turning for

the better. Thanks to all.


Atty Richard Ravosa, Cynthia and their staff helped me and my wife through a very difficult time with Foreclosing on our house and filing for Bankruptcy. They were kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. We were embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of the situation we were in and they welcomed us with open
arms, treating us like family. They went with us to court and walked us through the entire process. We have dealt with other Atty Practices and none have been this helpful and supportive. We just found ourselves in another situation needing an Atty and werent sure this fell under their practice but they assured us when we called for guidance that they would help us find the best in the field we needed. They do this without asking for
any type of compensation and truly care about you. We will never call another Atty for help it will always be Richard Ravosa and his team. They are top notch professionals who get the job done without delays. One more thing they call you back within the day of your call with updates and answers. We feel so blessed to have found them.

--Jon, Beverly

After exploring all options available for my situation bankruptcy was the only real option. From my first meeting all information was presented clearly made understandable and the open door communication was superb. Attorney Rovasa and his team made the entire bankruptcy process easy for me by being there every step of the way. Specific
instructions on what financial documents I needed to provide to them made everything simple on my end. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, eased my fears, and told me exactly what to expect moving forward. There is no way I could have done the bankruptcy without them. I highly recommend Attorney Richard Ravosa.

--MT, Natick

Richard Ravosa Jr and his office have assisted me in several legal matters. They offer excellence in their work. They have helped me quickly, thoroughly, and eased my concerns. The entire office is considerate and helpful. This kind of service and work, reflects on the kind of lawyer Richard is, and what you can expect is Excellence.

--Phobe, Pembroke

Want to send out a HUGE Thank You to The Law Office of Richard Ravosa, in saving our home from foreclosure and filling bankruptcy. Due to medical reasons, my son undergoing brain surgery and a couple years later my wife's diagnosis with breast cancer, our family was faced with a serious hardship. I had no success in trying to work a loan modification with my bank. The law Office of Richard Ravosa and his staff was very professional in

answering all my questions and quick in returning my calls, especially Cynthia. You all are Simple the Best!

--Husband and Wife, Swansea

The first time I heard about Attorney Ravosa was on a news spot about bankruptcy on television. Knowing deep down that I needed to do something to get out of debt I jotted down his name. I did some research online and found some You Tube presentations about bankruptcy as well as a few radio segments that he did. He seemed like a very caring compassionate person and I put his info into my wallet for future reference.
When my elderly father began showing signs of Alzheimers Disease a few years ago, it became apparent that I was going to have to retire from my job in order to transition him from his home a few hours away to an Assisted Living Center and ultimately a nursing home. Knowing it would be impossible to pay off our large amount of debt, I contacted Attorney Ravosa to discuss my options regarding filing for bankruptcy. Attorney Ravosa got right back back to me. After explaining my situation, Attorney Ravosa said You dont need to live like that.He put me at ease immediately.

Because I was reluctant to file I waited over a year and actually began taking money from my retirement savings to try to continue paying our bills. Still trying to avoid filing, I tried calling a Consumer Credit Counseling Agency to see if I could arrange a five year payment plan. After going through all the figures the Credit Counselor came up with a plan that I knew would be next to impossible to adhere to. He suggested that we walk away from our mortgage so that we could use that money to pay our bills. (Great but was he suggesting that we become homeless??) He also said I am not trying to set you up for failure. (Which told me even he knew the plan would fail!)

That is when I knew it was time to call Attorney Ravosa again and get the ball rolling. Attorney Ravosa remembered our conversation from more than a year before and again I felt reassured that I was moving the the right direction. My case became somewhat complicated because of a joint bank account belonging to my Dad that was set up for convenience in order for me to pay my fathers medical expenses. Attorney Ravosa was concerned that the Trustee could seize my fathers assets even though those funds did not belong to me. On more than one occasion I called Attorney Ravosa in a panic but he was patient and reassuring every step of the way. As a result the case took a few months more than expected but we were ultimately able to preserve those assets.

From the start, I began working closely with Legal Clerk Tanya Fortini who painstakingly went through what seemed like mountains of paperwork and hundreds of e-mails and who meticulously went over each and every figure multiple times to be sure nothing would be called into question by the Trustee.

I cant thank Attorney Ravosa and his legal team enough for getting my husband and I through this process. For the first time in thirty years I feel I have peace of mind and a fresh start not having to think about how I am going to rob Peter to pay Paul

When Attorney Ravosa said You dont need to live like that he meant it. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, I highly recommend that you give him a call.

-- Barbara Lynn, MA

Thank you so much for all your help. From the first time I spoke with Michelle and You I really felt that I was at the right place and with the right team to help us out of our very stressful situation. It was such a scary thing to be told that you had been scammed, and that my house, the only one that my children have ever known, was going to be sold out from under us.

I appreciate how quickly you all moved in getting the Sale Date stopped and our Case resolved, to a workable option for my family. Going forward I will definitely be more diligent with my finances and priorities better. Please thank the rest of your office team who had a hand in this successful outcome. I will be sure to splash your Business Cards, Names and Contact info along with your
Successes to all my Friends, Family, and Colleagues.

Thanks again, for everything.

-- Sandy, Lancaster

After successfully raising three sons by myself, the bottom fell out. Everything possible went wrong a potentially life threatening illness,inability to secure a mortgage while living in a lease to own property, the recession, a relationship breakup and worse of all, job lay off after 12 years of employment! While I struggled for over a year to maintain both my economic situation and my sanity, the realization of bankruptcy was clear.

However, what I anticipated to be a difficult costly and most of all humiliating situation turned out to be none of these, and this was 100% due to the expertise and compassion shown to me by Towns and Country I was so lucky to have been referred to them!! Not only were the legal maneuvers made simple but Cynthia offered moral support that was above and beyond!! She helped me understand why what I was doing was the right choice, why I should not be ashamed, and how quickly I would be able to get back on my feet. She was right! Now, less than 2 years later I have a successful job and am getting ready to buy my very own house!!! I am so grateful to the Ravosas!!

-- Julie, Hudson

Attorney Richard Ravosa, his wife Cynthia, the attorneys and the paralegals working with them are an incredible team. They made the bankruptcy process very clear and easy to understand. They were flexible, patient and very professional. Moreover, Cynthia in particular, their team will also be very honest with you when you need it. They have a great grasp of the laws and are very consistent in their support, follow-up and follow-through. Thank you Team Ravosa 🙂

-- Richard, Revere

Attorney Ravosa and his team are so efficient!! They made the process of me claiming bankruptcy so easy. He responded promptly to all my questions and went above and beyond for me.
Many many thanks to them for their services and I would recommend him to anyone. Cynthia was amazing!! She was very compassionate to what I was going thru and very understanding and very easy to talk to!! I appreciate everything they did to help keep me and my family in our home.

-- Chris, East Bridgewater

I used Atty. Ravosa and Town and Country Associates last year to represent me in my Chapter 13 filing. Atty. Ravosa explained the process to me, advised which options were best for me, and was very supportive and understanding. They made what can be an unpleasant ordeal go quite smoothly. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, they will go the extra mile for you.

-- Deb, Somerville

I knew about Richard Ravosa Law firm through other people that recommended him and his staff because they had great experience with them.Some unexpected things happened in my life that led me to a very bad financial place, i tried to find ways to fix that but i could not, i did not have the resources to pay all of my debts and bill collectors were driving me crazy and i knew i needed to do something quick to avoid falling into depression, i needed to be ok for my daughter.

I finally decided to call Richard Ravosa s office and started to work with Tanya, she made this process less stressful, easy to navigate and re assure me this was the right thing to do in my case, made feel that i was not alone and that making this decision did not make me a bad person.Now that my case is finish and i have no collector after me, is a fresh start and i feel good and i also learned a lot during the process. From day one to the end of the process i felt the support and respect from Tanya and now I thank Richard Ravosa, his wife, Tanya and the rest of the staff for helping through this hard time.

-- Sylvia, Roxbury

I called two days before a foreclosure. He put our mind at ease immediately. We did a chapter 13. We had a very large trustee payment we couldnt handle. We went for a chapter 7 and a loan modification. We did the chapter 7 no problem. I never thought we get the loan modification because this would be our third try I thought it would be a waste of money. We were lied and cheated by another law firm and almost lost our home. I was wrong they got it done and they got it done fast. Thank you Cynthia,Arineth, Mike and Felicia. You all have done a great job. Give them a call they could save you too. Thanks again.

-- Tim, Abington

Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff made my bankruptcy go easy. I was 157,000 in debt due to my ex wife, divorce, and a money pit house I had to give up because it all put me financially in the hole. I had received a letter from a creditor and court stating that if I didnt go to court to answer for my debt I would get arrested at my home or job. Richard Ravosa stopped the court case the day before I had to go to court. He only had a week to file the proper paperwork to stop the court case and he got it done the day before the court case stopping my creditor in their tracks. I can not thank Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff enough. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

--Eric, Chicopee

Town and Country Legal Associates are consummate professionals who are experts in the personal bankruptcy laws and process. Richard Ravosa and his staff are excellent at understanding financial problems and issues that occur for those considering bankruptcy. They assess your situation and come up with a workable solution that ultimately relieves a major burden from your personal life. Starting with the first consultation with them, they are extremely thorough and very diligent is communicating and explaining how to make the right decisions based on your individual circumstances. I highly recommend their legal services to anyone seeking guidance and legal advice when facing catastrophic financial problems.

--Client, Lexington

Richard Ravosas Town and Countrys Legal Associates provided hands-on guidance through the whole bankruptcy process. I was ready to give up more than once over how complicated the process seemed to be. But the personal attention given by their lawyers walked me through the bankruptcy process.

--Phil, Framingham

To the staff at Town & Country Legal Association. My name is Marlene (last name deleted) I was feeling the pressure of bill collectors, it was insane the numerous phone calls and threats I was receiving, I felt stressed and helpless. I tried working with them, but they wouldn't work with me. The best thing happened to me in therapy. My therapist told me about maybe thinking about Bankruptcy. We looked up and found your firm. I called and your staff, especially Maegan Hurley saved me and my situation. I would like to thank you and god bless your firm and staff.

-- Marlene, Everett

I would like to take this time to thank you Attorney Richard Ravosa and your staff for helping me get through my bankruptcy Issues . That was the hardest thing I had to go through, and you and staff were there for me to back me up. I greatly appreciate it. I had creditors call me day and night, It made me nervous just to answer the phone, what was I to except more complaints, I just Couldn't take it anymore till I filed with Town and Country. Now I can get on with my life with a clean slate. Thanks to Richard Ravosa And his wonderful staff. I would definitely highly recommend my friends, family , and anyone I knew who had to file bankruptcy. Thank You Again, Town and Country for helping me out with everything.

--Jessica, Franklin

Town &Country Legal Associates and Richard Ravosa were there for me during a difficult financial time. I had to file for personal bankruptcy. They made the entire process easy for me to understand and were there to answer any and all questions I had. Everything has gone smoothly and I would recommend them to anyone looking for kind, competent legal services. I am very grateful for all of their assistance.

--Carmen, Greenfield

Richard Ravosa was very professional. The staff was very helpful with answering any of my questions and helping me step by step. The staff was helpful by keeping me up to date and how the case was going an put me at ease. I was pleased 100%.

-- Deborah, Tewksbury

I am one of millions of people who have had to declare bankruptcy and surrender their homes. In my case, the housing drop put me underwater immediately. That, coupled with the array of other life demands that assault everyone of us from time to time coalesced into the action to unburden myself of an untenable financial albatross and begin again. The professionals at Town and Country (whom I went to for guidance) gave me just that. They were always reachable, immediately! Do not underestimate the importance of this aforementioned statement. Guidance, immediately. The emotional component was acknowledged by everyone of the people I dealt with in a dignified manner. My barrage of questions, concerns, and fears were all put into perspective and solved during the entire legal process. Attorney Ravosa and his colleague, Cynthia Ravosa, along with their legal teams have made one of the thorniest patches of my life less painful while attending to business expediently and with great personal energy. I would and have told friends in similar trouble about Town and Country and have rarely encountered a service as smart and client centered as they are. I am so grateful.

-- Naomi, Mendon

I went thru a grueling process involving the heart wrenching threat of home foreclosure. Attorney Ravosa consistently comforted me with reassurance and kept me moving in a positive direction. I fully credit Attorney Ravosa outstanding knowledge and experience for us prevailing in our quest for justice. Due to his hard work and diligence, my children and I are able to stay in our home. Our situation was resolved with complete satisfaction. I was treated with respect and no matter how many questions I presented, I never was made to feel like a bother. I have highly recommended Attorney Richard Ravosa to several acquaintances of mine and they cannot thank me enough. I am told they have received the same great serive that was given to me. Attorney Richard Ravosa knowledge and services surpass all others!

-- Cheryl, Chicopee

In January of 2011 I lost my job. My husband and I depended on both of our salaries to pay our monthly bills. We decided that we had no other alternative than to file Chapter 7. This was a very emotional decision for us. I was recommended through a friend to contact Attorney Richard Ravosa. Richard, Cynthia and the entire staff were very professional. This company is outstanding and valuable, they are very dedicated to all of there clients. Cynthia in particular, I found to be very compassionate. She has helped me through many difficulties. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking Bankruptcy, and have to all my friends.

-- Marc, Foxboro

I would like to thank Attorney Richard Ravosa and Town and Country Legal Services so much for their help during my extremely rough times. It seemed like I could not get a break anywhere, and things were just happening one thing after another. When I called them for help with my financial difficulties, they were very professional and caring. They also helped me tremendously, knew exactly what they were doing, and were able to help me get a break with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so I could have a second chance and fresh start. I also don't have to deal with the nasty creditors anymore calling all day and night, even weekends and holidays. I feel totally indebted to them and appreciate all they have done, as things are still hard, but this is one less big thing off my shoulders, and I am able to focus on the other important things that I need to. I recommend this law firm for anyone with financial difficulties; they will help you with professionalism, courtesy and are affordable, even if you think you can't afford a lawyer. Couldn't ask for a better lawyer and team thanks again!!!!

-- Jennifer, Westfield

Richard Ravosa and his staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. This was an amazing amount of personal angst for me after waiting 10 months to have a short sale refused, forced to go through a foreclosure of my home, and then personal bankruptcy, I was at the end of my emotional rope. Richard and his staff were available by phone and email constantly. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, assisted me with the huge amount of details necessary to accomplish this, and literally held my hand throughout the process. I don't think I would have been able to get through the process without the personal attention they gave me.

-- Diane, Boston

My wife and I had the unpleasant task of filing chapter 7. As for others who have had to face this procedure, I can attest to the unpleasant and emotional feelings associated with filing. However, the positive that came from this was securing Town and Country Legal Associates to represent us. The first person I met was Cynthia Ravosa, who not only made me feel whole again but after communicating with her I could tell that she was knowledgeable and professional. When I left her office I felt a 3000 pound weight was off my back. The next person I came in contact with was her husband, Richard Ravosa and I felt like I hit the lottery! He represented me along with my wife at the trustee hearing. This man is a great attorney who sat with us and the trustee during our interview. Mr. Ravosa conveyed a feeling of reassurance that his firm was there for us for any further questions or concerns, and believe me, they have! For anyone who feels they have to approach a bankruptcy, I strongly recommend Town and Country Legal Associates. Having Cynthia and Richard Ravosa as representation, equals an honest and great team working for you all the way.

-- Joe & Carolyn, Wakefield

Thanks to Attorney Richard Ravosa and the staff of Town Country Legal Associates, our lives have done a twist of 180 degrees. My wife and I were in a bad financial situation that put us under a lot of stress and was affecting of our marriage. Fortunately, we found Attorney Ravosa in the web. He gave us a free consultation in which he explained us what a bankruptcy and loan modification were about. Town Country Legal Associates helped us with both situations. The process went pretty smooth and unstressful. They were very warm and comprehensible whenever we had any questions and doubts, and always, very knowledgeable and professionals. Thanks to them we feel free with a fresh start.


Last year I was going through a divorce and was faced with a depressing reality that I was alone. Not only was I physically left alone I was faced with losing my home and the bills were piling up.
I felt like no one understood exactly what I was going through, not my family, and especially not my divorce lawyer. I was lost! I felt like I was not being heard.
Until one day I received a post card from the law offices of Richard Ravosa. I thought OK another lawyer promising to help me. I put it aside and one day I did call. BEST CALL I EVER MADE!
I can not begin to express the level of professionalism that I have, and continue to receive from Richard Ravosa and his amazing staff. In a tough and extremely vulnerable time in my life I must say that Richard Ravosa and his staff delivered exactly what they said they would.

-- Maureen, Maynard

I can't say enough good things about Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff at Town & Country Legal Associates. From the evening I first called they always made me feel as though my situation was important. Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy thing to do and they made me feel so much better about my situation. I can't say enough about all the help and information I received from them and I never had to wait any length of time for responses to my questions. They are truly attorneys that work FOR you and I would tell anyone in need of a bankruptcy to call them FIRST!

-- Billy, Wrentham

This firm is the best that I have experience. The staff was very professional in handling my claim. Without their assistance I wouldn't have a fresh financial start. Thank you for helping me you guys are the best at what you do!

-- Maribel, Dorchester

My husband and I are very grateful and appreciative to Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff. Our house flooded 3 years ago and we had to do what we had to do to put it back together, with no help from our insurance company which put us in debt. With the help of Attorney Ravosa we were able to erase all of our debt plus credit cards and save our house. We would recommend Town & Country Legal Associates to anyone who is in need of legal assistance, they are wonderful.

-- Barbara and Bruce, Everett

Attorney Richard Ravosa was very informative. He kept me up to date on my case. He is knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Attorney Richard Ravosa keeps me up to date with the process. With everything that I have been through it helped to know that he is knowledgeable in his field. He went to court with me and was very supportive. He always made himself available to me whenever I had questions. Attorney Richard Ravosa gave me good advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone that I found was in my situation.

-- Lee, Plymouth

Overwhelmed with debt, I needed help. But I was afraid of dealing with money issues and I had very little money to pay a lawyer. A friend recommended Rick Ravosa. Rick and his team guided me through the process promptly answering all my silly questions along the way. Best of all they treated me with respect and compassion, they were pulling for me! Today I am debt free!!! Compared to other lawyers I have used, there no question, I would always recommend Attorney Richard Ravosa to all my friends, family and anyone who asks.

-- Kathleen, Dracut

When I thought everything was hopeless and there was no way to turn, the law offices of Richard Ravosa came and helped me with my problem and today I can say I truly appreciate everything they did.

-- Mandylee, Salem

I cannot say enough Thanks to what Attorney Ravosa has done for me and my family. Without this help we were facing years of struggle and hardship for us and our children. Our fresh start has truly taught us how to budget and live within our means. The personal care we recieved was so out of character for a large law firm and it made the entire process quick and painless thank you again for everything!!

-- Danielle, Dorchester

Richard Ravosa was recommended to me from one of his former clients. We were at the end of our rope and felt like we were suffocating from our debt due to a decrease in income. One afternoon I had come home from work to messages on my machine from creditors. I couldn't take it anymore so I picked up the phone and called Attorney Ravosa. I realized that there are a lot of hard working people in our situation and it is okay to get help. We were always treated with respect. Our contact Arineth answered countless questions and was always so reassuring and patient. My only regret is that I didn't call sooner!

-- Nancy and Edward, South Shore

Richard Ravosa and his staff were wonderful.   They helped me get through the awkwardness and embarrassment of having to expose my financial difficulties to them and navigated me through the process of bankruptcy, which is a very difficult situation to have to be in.  They were kind, understanding, and very knowledgeable about the process.  It was a seamless transaction for me.

Diane G., Boston, MA

DUI / DWI Attorney in Ithaca

Relationship: Worked for lawyer

Rick was my boss and mentor for several years. He is a consummate professional and expert in the fields of bankruptcy and foreclosure defense litigation. He is a terrific guy and exceptional attorney. I would recommend Rick to anybody facing serious financial difficulty.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL - 3 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse Mr. Ravosa. You can tell from his thorough responses to questions on Avvo and sage wisdom that he has the passion and compassion necessary to be a fine advocate. He spends his own time giving advice to the Avvo community and that is something worth noting.

Criminal Defense Attorney in South Lyon, MI - 4 months ago

Relationship: Other

I endorse this lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA - 5 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Newton, MA - 5 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Although I had a case with Atty Ravosa, I have had many interactions with his firm. One of his paralegals, who is active on a specialized list serve, not only has the correct answer, she has three correct alternatives with case or rule support. Having a deep, knowledgeable and able support staff goes a huge way to providing clients with a seemless experience.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Boston, MA - 6 months ago

Relationship: Worked together on matter

Attorney Ravosa and I recently cross paths on a case. He had represented my client previously in a different practice area, and I needed to get an understanding of the prior case. In speaking with Attorney Ravosa, and reviewing the case record, I could tell that he did a great job for the client. He went beyond what was expected.

Military Law Attorney in Evans, GA - 11 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse Richard. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

in The Woodlands, TX - About 1 year ago

Relationship: Friend

I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Attorney Richard Ravosa for nearly 15 years and he is a trusted source of helpful and valuable information when I have had questions about civil litigation and trial practice techniques. I have referred several clients to him over the years and he has always exceeded my clients' expectations and has always treated my referrals with the highest level of professionalism.

Litigation Lawyer in Boston, MA - About 1 year ago

Relationship: Worked together on matter

I fully endorse Attorney Ravosa. My experiences with him were congenial and professional. He is a source of information for lawyers in the community and I would feel comfortable referring clients to him.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Boston, MA - Almost 2 years ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Ravosa and his staff are the most professional organization I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Mr. Ravosa has mastered the many gray areas of the Bankruptcy Law through his years of practicing in the field, and he is always ready to share them with his colleagues. I have survived in the Bankruptcy field because of his generosity as he has gotten me through many challenging moments. He is a truly great human-being.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Springfield; Auburn, MA - About 2 years ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I have admired Rick's tenacity, knowledge, and legal skills for ten years so far and have trusted him with referrals of my clients.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Worcester, MA - About 2 years ago

Relationship: Worked for lawyer

Attorney Ravosa is my Supervising Attorney and the Managing Partner of the firm. He is an exceptional mentor that strives to provide close, personalized legal services to his clients while advocating for them zealously. I enthusiastically endorse Attorney Ravosa for Bankruptcy (Ch. 7 & 13), Personal Injury and Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Business Law, Foreclosure Prevention, Debt Settlement and all manners of Civil Litigation.

in Framingham, MA - About 2 years ago

Relationship: Worked for lawyer

I endorse Attorney Ravosa -- working with him was a pleasure and an excellent learning experience.